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To My Readers

Feast:  The Conversion of St. Paul

 Dear Reader;

It was forty years ago last August, 2009, that I first saw, repeatedly, the interior visions of the “Antichrist in the World” and the “Apostasy” in the priesthood and Church, when I was thirty-three years old.

  I recently asked a learned priest to tell me the meaning of some colors in the first vision, drawn a year later when I realized what it was.  I was dismissed without discussion or answer.  I have had thoughts for a few weeks, to write it all down myself, and to do it without any time limit.  My natural tendency would be from my memory; but it came to me to do it carefully with each numbered panel, with Scripture references.  Then, my first naive thoughts, and accumulated thoughts over the years, to date.  Having only “Voice”, “Art” and “Creative writing” college credits, it seemed much like a “term paper” to me; so it will be a chore at seventy-four years of age!

 I will do the best I can, and send it first to our Holy Father, the Pope (as I sent the drawings to those before him) and to a few people I only recently shared them with.  I ask God to prosper the work of His Hand in mine, now and forever.  Amen.

 In Jesus, through Mary,



 Emma St. Paul