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To My Readers

It was forty years ago last August 2009, that I first saw, repeatedly, the interior visions of the “Antichrist in the World”. These visions are chronicled and illustrated in my 70 page book.

The Red Dragon

“a large DRAGON, breathing fire, amidst a blackened, smokey sky, that was RED, as the Dragon was.”

The "Free World"?

I see someone that resembles in kind, the green helmeted soldier. It is our president, Barack Obama, whose mother was white and father, who was black (full excerpt from book pages 33-47).

The Third Attack

“The third attack came, and a CROSS started to rise up from amidst the lame, sick and poor. This stopped the aggressors, and soon after,”

*Note: 12/31/2011, President B. Obama signed into law H.R. 1540 in Hawaii, the National Defense Authorization Act. He can declare, under guise of outside or internal turmoil, Martial Law, even stop the 2012 election. Will God's "Warning", our prayers help change the prophecies in this book?

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